Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Slow so slow but still good start

I was quite lazy about trading last days and must admit that I was really bored and unmotivated before some 2-3 days, don't know why - therefore I decided to take a little break and just did nothing but chilling, hanging out, studying the new tv shows in Germany and doing stuff which was nothing but useless and quite expensive :-)

Started around 3 days ago and did almost only Tennis. Horses are just so damn boring for me to trade. I remember I was in England several times and every time I entered a betting shop and saw a horse race I really became bored and fascinated how people can really bet on an animal to run around ( I know a jockey is involved too but still... can't understand ).

Last 3 days in Tennis were quite good, I achieved a great profit of 675. Quite good amount for me for the very beginning, planning to raise stakes a little after around 10 days of consistent profit as with Shanghai and following events there will be quite a lot of high volume events which I wanna take advantage of.

For now, I will focus on tennis and try out some soccer on a second account to try different strategies and talk to some friends already doing footy trading and maybe start to cooperate with them. We will see what future brings, but right now my focus definately is all about Tennis as the profit margin is far bigger than I initially expected.

Just one word to admit: I am combining betting and trading in Tennis, not doing just pure trading which explains the big swings and difference of profits per game. Often games including big favourites get uninteresting after a break for the mega fav., just take a look on the Soderling vs Hanescu match.

Will update tomorrow or day after tomorrow, let's hope for the good run to continue!

Friday, September 25, 2009

First day after course

Hey guys, today I started just after reading all my notes to the course I visited and started out trading for almost the whole shedule of horseracing today.

I really must admit it felt quite good to start out with a solid background ( thanks again to Peter again ) and it was the very first time I really looked forward to trading horses :-)

I made a list for the whole day including all races for today. My list looks like Startingtime, Runners, Fav. Price, Second Price, how I suggest to trade this race and the grade of the race. I definately recommen for all beginners such as me to create such a list as it might get a little stressful to decide just on the race how you will trade it as long as you aren't that experienced. Also you have quite an edge in my opinion as you immediately see without clicking on anything how the prices developed so far.

The day in total went really great for me, a net profit of 369Euros really boosts my confidence about racing trading and of course it motivates as hell. I also did some small soccer / tennis trades but different to earlier times, my focus now goes to horse racing as it is really more profitable than tennis for sure and in my opinion less risky with good analysis and market study than soccer.

Looking forward to tomorrow to boost even more, Cheers !

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Learning by doing....

... is probably not the very best way and can be quite expensive when it comes to sportstrading, so I decided to visit a course hold by Peter Webb and his Betting Exchange Academy.

I travelled at 7.00 in the morning to London as I did not wanted to stay 2 nights in England and arrived quite tired to be honest at 7.40 local time after having slept just for around 3 hours.

After arriving at London Heathrow, I decided to drop my luggage first at my hotel just at Heathrow whereas the taxi agency already called me as I was quite late due to waiting for around half an hour for a taxi on the airport. Arrived at the hotel, I was quite in hurry as the course took place in Hook which is around 35-40km away from Heathrow if I remember right.

The journey to hook was very relaxed as I had a very friendly women who was driving me - friendly and not sexy :-) Was talking quite a lot about gambling in the UK and she mentioned she was used to drive several people attending these courses held by Peter Webb - even a women which came from Australie only to visit such course - very good first sign for me :-)

After arriving a little late in the course which still had not started, the action began in a hotel in Hook which was what I would call a typical British hotel ( not bed and breakfast ). All of the attenders introduced theirselves and after that Peter began with his course.

All over the course, I became a more and more clear idea of what trading is all about and especially how to identify valuable trading opportunities hours before the race started. Basics about the software BetAngel were also included as reading the market, forecasting drops and how to trade every single race in detail.

Different than other courses I visited about betting / statistical modelling / gambling / investing, I was surprised how loose the atmosphere was. A host which pulled in jokes from time to time during crashing my head for some moments with his analysis and speech was really something nice to see - believe me, it's getting horrible at such courses if this does not happen.

After the break, the whole discussion about horsetrading in detail began and I was really amazed how easy it becomes to detect right races for scalping / swingtrading and how you have to stick to certain rules.

All over, I must admit the course was really worth the money I paid for and I can definately recommend it to everybody being serious about trading on sportsmarket. I've seldom seen somebody being that much dedicated to a topic he is referring about as Peter and still being open for questions all over and answering them very satisfying. Especially the relaxed atmosphere I liked pretty much. Even though the course was sheduled to end around 5pm, it took to 6.15pm until the ( very useful ) handouts were given to us by Peter - including a book about trading on sports in general which I really recommend everybody and a summary of the projected stats and market examples shown in the course - by the way you can also watch the videos Peter used in the course at BetAngel TV.

After arriving back at the hotel at around 7.30pm, I took some time to relax and had a burger which wasn't what I was expecting except expensive :-)

All in all I really suggest you to visit courses held by Peter Webb if you are interested in trading ( especially in horses ). The whole trip was quite expensive for me including a night in a hotel and the flights of course and some pounds for taxis, but without any doubt, every single penny spent I feel right about.

Friday, September 18, 2009

First day starts with a nice profit

Hi guys,

today I started out my trading mission and it went quite well. A total of 52.64 profit in the tennis market trading 4 matches including 3 winning trades and 1 small loss, unfortunately due to my internet connection broke up.

In horse racing I just made 2 trades achieving a profit of 9.02 as I am awaiting monday on which I am going to Hook / England to visit a Betfair trading course by Peter Webb, probably the best known sports trader out there. I spoke to many guys around already about those courses which are held by The Betting Exchange Academy which is also connected to BetAngel, the software I use for trading and which I highly recommend to all of you guys.

For the course, as far as I am informed, the main target will be horse racing which suits me perfectly as I am quite confident in my tennis trading skills but very careful when it comes to the ponys running around :-) I will stay till tuesday in a hotel just at Heathrow airport as I wasn't able to catch a flight late enough to return on monday - maybe a couple of beers in a local pub if I won't be too tired after the course.

Today quite a lot of action is going on with the Davis Cup having several good trading opportunities which I will definately try to take advantage of. Will update later on !

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Opening up a blog

Hi guys,

I have read quite a lot blogs and so decided to start my own blog as kind of a hobby - nothing more and nothing less. The majority of my blog will be of course as the title mentions about trading in betfair - if working fine as planned, practiced fulltime. I know this is quite a big aim for a first post, but due to my background as an odds compiler for a major bookmaker and my work for a betting group back to 4 years ago, I think I have quite a good background for trading.

From time to time you can expect some private posts as well of course, hopefully about what I have spent my profits for :-)

About my own, I am 23 years old from Germany and have worked on freelancer since quitting school 5 years ago. My focus always went to sportsbetting and analyzing sportevents and after watching the market on betfair for arbitraging for a betting group, I noticed the big possibility of profitable trades at soccer, tennis and horse racing.